Service & Repairs / Custom Builds


Servicing & repairing bikes since 1980

We are pleased to announce that we are now providing a collection and/or delivery service for all local service and repair jobs (within a 5 mile radius of the shop).  This will be between the hours of 9am - 5pm, subject to availability.  Cost is £10 per delivery or collection (£20 for both ways).  Please discuss when booking your bike in with us.

General Service:  

Gears, brakes, headset, BB, wheels trued, hubs checked


Gear & Brake Service:   check & tune gears & brakes


Gear service:  


Brake service:  


Drive fitted cassette, chain, chain rings:    


Disc brake bleed (Includes fluid & disposal of fluid):  


Front / rear tube supply & fit, off the bike:    


Front tube supply & fit, on the bike:    

Rear tube supply & fit, on the bike:



Tubeless tyre (fitting only):    


Tubular tyre (fitting only):    


Gear/brake inner cable supply & fit:    


Gear/brake inner & outer cable supply & fit:  


Wheel true (on the bike):    


Wheel true (off the bike):    


Wheel build tension & true:    


Wheel build tension & true (tubeless) from: 


Suspension frame bearing kit removal & installation from: 


BB / headset installation from:


Frame change (transfer parts from one frame to another):    


Full bike stripped down from:


Full bike build up from:


Full drive removed, degreased & lubed (cassette, chain, chainset, front/rear mech):


New bike in or out of a box to be built/setup:


Mail order, Argos etc 12" - 16" wheel kids bikes:    


20" - 700c wheel bikes:    


Parts bought elsewhere to be fitted:   


Peak Season:


Fast track repairs same day (subject to availability):    


Fast track servicing same day (subject to availability):  


Bike packed in a bag or box for travel (including box):    


Bike bag hire (price per week):  


Shoe cleat / positioning & fitting available by appointment:    


Bike collection & re-delivery available (STA) within 5 miles of shop:  


Custom builds including consultation time:


Our prices reflect the quality of the work we complete

Experienced & professional mechanics

Fully equipped workshop

Specialist tools & quality replacement parts

All repairs & servicing are plus parts unless stated – VAT included