Razor E-Prime eScooter

  • £299.00


Razor E-Prime eScooters

eScooters are becoming a world wide phenomenon, along with eBikes these sporty little machines are going to change the way we move around our cities.

We have been researching eScooters for some time now and have decided to take our first step into the market. The Wisper Wisp is currently under development but will not be available until 2021. In the mean time and maybe for some time to come we will be selling the super little Razor ePrime.

Razor e-Prime Scooters are covered with a six month manufacturers warranty.

UK law does not allow for eScooters, however they are already being used in every town and city the country.  We believe that legislation will be quickly passed to cater for them.

eScooters are not illegal to own or sell but we must make it clear that...

eScooters may only be used on private property where the public does
not have access and only with the permission of property owner.  Use on public highways, including roads, cycle paths and pavements is currently prohibited in the UK.

We strongly advise that children under the age of 14 are not permitted to ride an eScooter and riders always wear a cycle helmet and the appropriate clothing whilst operating any eScooter. 


Motor: Kick-to-start, high-torque, brushless, hub-driven

Throttle: Thumb-activated, variable-speed, paddle controlled

Brake: Electric, thumb-activated and rear-fender foot brake

Grips: Prism-shaped design, moulded in soft rubber

Downtube: Aluminium, featuring patent-pending anti-rattle folding mechanism

Speed and Range: Up to 15 mph (24 km/h) for up to 40 minutes of continuous use

Tyres: Large 8” (200 mm), pneumatic front tyre and 8” (200 mm), airless, flat-free rear tyre

Max combined load: Up to 200lbs / 90kg

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