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Epping Forest Social Mountain Bike Riders


Google mountain biking & you usually come across the Epping Forest Mountain Bike Club web site. They were a great club once -  I know as I was a member in the 90s. But that club disbanded as the members gradually left.
So this summer I decided to set up my own group -  Epping Forest Social Mountain Bikers - specfically aimed at the 35+ age group. The first ever ride we did was on 30th June - and there were just three of us! Five months on we regularly have 20+ riders turning up for our Saturday rides, we have mid-week rides and a staggering 110+ on our rider lists.
Whilst the EFMBC web site is now dedicated to us, we -  Epping Forest Social Mountain Bikers - are not a club. There is no membership and it's free. 'Newbies' try us and we in turn assess you! However, you do have to sign the on-line disclaimer to be put on the rider list before you can join us on rides. Once on the rider list you receive regular emails all about weekly rides, news, events, Socials, away days, etc.
Our emphasis is on being a Social and supportive group of people who like each other and meet for varied and fun rides. We have a great team of volunteer riders who have stepped up to make all the rides the success they are. The main Saturday ride is of a high standard and goes at a strong pace and is not suitable for riders without experience. But we do now have volunteers taking out new Entry Level rides to give people the chance to try riding in the forest and the opportunity to build their fitness before going out with the main ride.
If your sole objective is fast rides – we're not the right group for you. The forest is already over subscribed with groups that ride fast, in fact they are two a penny! One of our top level riders (who is very fit and easily able to do fast riding if he chooses) wrote this to me:-

“I think it’s far easier to find a fast ride than find the good social rides that you have now put together. I’ve done with hurting myself to race, now I just want to enjoy it - thanks for setting this up”.


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